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MEMO TO THE NETWORKS: Streaming your shows, whether ahead of or after their broadcast debuts, is a Media 1.0 strategy. I know; it looks like 2.0, but it’s not.

A little background. AOL has just struck a deal with NBC to stream two of their new shows — commercial-free — a week before they’re scheduled to air. Via Online Media Daily:

With AOL’s entry, all three major portals are now streaming episodes of this fall’s new TV shows before their broadcast debuts. Yahoo will offer streams of the new CBS show “Jericho” and NBC’s “Heroes” before their air dates, while MSN will debut three shows from The CW Network–“Runaway,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Veronica Mars”–one week before their air dates.
The networks know mass marketing, and this experimentation is a pure, one-to-many, mass marketing play. AOL is also offering a special TV section with “video previews, spoilers, cast info, galleries, quizzes, articles and a sortable schedule for the fall lineup.” Again, this is content flowing one-way. The interactive features are on the periphery.

This is all smart strategy, but none of it embraces the core of the Media 2.0 disruption. Unless and until Hollywood can bring itself to enable the creative genius formerly known as the audience, those people will continue to entertain themselves. You want a seat at the 2.0 table? Then create unbundled scenes and let people build their own shows from them.

Heatonism #2: mediated people make their own media.


  1. Not everything cries out for 2.0 traits. Storytelling as a linear process is an accepted art form and there’s nothing wrong with it. For those who want to piece together a “program”, and have the time, well that’s a different story which requires a separate set of content pieces. And you’re right-those aren’t in the marketplace yet. Kind of like Moby is doing with his current “album”, I guess: a set of files you can manipulate.

  2. Nice post. Much needed info to be gleaned by the media big boys.

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