Stock analyst sees what’s coming

One way or the other, revenue will move online and if the traditional media companies do not move aggressively to capture this revenue it will be lost to more nimble competitors.
So says Merrill Lynch analyst Jessica Reif Cohen in a research note this week and referenced by Rafat Ali over at Paid Content.
On whether big media has lost the opportunity, she writes that traditional media is in a better position than perceived. “First, they have multiple touch points with consumers. This provides ample opportunity for cross-platform promotion, a more difficult proposition for Yahoo! and Google. Multiple touch points also allow traditional media companies to tailor cross-platform content experiences to a new generation of consumers who are used to multi-tasking, watching television and surfing the web for instance.”
Big media is hampered by the necessity of maintaining existing business models while efforting new ones. We must also always remember that the Web is unlike any other marketplace in that the power to consume is upside-down, so the old Ries and Trout blocking models don’t necessarily apply. Cross-platform promotion is, of course, super important, but so is the ability to empower the end user — something big media finds difficult to swallow.

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