Stardom via the web

File this under “old guy trying to keep up with new stuff.” David Fickling of The Guardian has a nice summary of the new “stardom” made possible by the internet. I clicked on most of the links (thanks, David), including the MySpace hottie, Tila Tequila. In the words of the immortal Frank Barone, “Holy Crap!”

The point of the article is that the web is producing a new genre of mass media stars, people who cross over into the mainstream by virtue of the sheer volume of visitors or views they generate. The mainstream likes them, because they drag their fans with them (hopefully). Of course, in Tila’s case, you don’t have to watch the shows she’s on, because she includes the youTube vids of those appearances on her page. So who’s playing who? The thing I find interesting about this is that what you’re seeing is largely produced virally, and attempts to game the system are pretty obvious. In the old days, producers would “make” stars, but today’s new stars are discovered by the masses. In so doing, we’re identifying the stars, not Hollywood.

I would certainly add ZeFrank to this article. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve encountered, and his humor is multi-faceted. Like most vloggers, he can be hit or miss, but even Rocketboom has that affliction. Speaking of Rocketboom, I’m loving it even more these days Joanne Colan than I did with Amanda. Her juice harp bit yesterday was pretty funny. The show, as it turns out, is the real star.

It’s really important that traditional media people keep up with all these new “discoveries,” because every community has them. This is the real story of the personal media revolution and one that will baffle top-down media types forever.


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