Squirrels come to visit (Awwww)

Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel coming to visit our birdfeeder. Our dog, Piffers, works herself into a frenzy looking out the door leading to the balcony whenever these critters arrive.

I mean, I know they’re rodents (and quite hungry), but look at this guy…

Eventually, we open the door for Piffers who races to catch the little buggers. She came very close this morning.

It’s bad enough that they get away, but they always sit in the tree pretending nothing has happened. Poor Piffers.


  1. We have two long-haired German shepherds that are totally squirrel obsessed.

    I have a high degree of confidence that we are well protected from marauding furry-tailed rodents. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.

  2. I’ve been battling the “squirrel in the bird-feeder” for years. If you don’t have dogs, it’s nearly impossible to stop them. There are many feeders on the market that are supposed to be squirrel-proof, but don’t believe it. Nick in Atlanta

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