Sports journalism mirrors other journalism

I recommend Chuck Klosterman’s essay in Esquire for what it says about all journalism these days. Chuck’s a sports writer and thinks it’s not too late to “save” his trade. I don’t agree with him, but this is a worthwhile read, because it’s a great example of a nostalgic plea from a modernist institution.

He wants sports media to:

  • Stop reporting on TV ratings
  • Kill the “argument” model
  • De-emphasize “The Fan’s Perspective”
  • Decrease the speed and amount of reporting

The horse has left the barn, Chuck. Your suggestions are just observations, therefore — wishful thinking in lofty prose.

It’s a great read, because it teaches not only about how much all of journalism has changed in recent years but also about the widening gap between reality and the voices of those who used to be in traditional media power.

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