Sports indicative of bigger problems in the press

This may seem a bit off-topic, but it’s not really.

Xxxxx, Xxxx and I went to the Mavericks-Lakers game on Mother’s Day, and a great time was had by all. It was historic on many levels, and I especially enjoyed watching the Mavericks systematically dismantle the former champs. We’re not big Kobe fans in my house, so the victory was doubly enjoyable.

But at least Kobe gave credit where credit was due. The same cannot be said for the national sports press. Take a look at the bottom of the picture below. This is ESPN’s analysis Monday morning. Read the story headlines; they’re ALL about the Lakers.

ESPN's front page today

  • Transition can be tough
  • Phil deserved better
  • Loss begs questions
  • Classless acts

It has been this way since the series began. Nearly every story from a national sportswriter came from a Lakers’ perspective. Only viewers knew that Dallas won the series, in a sweep no less. To the sports writers, Los Angeles lost it. There’s a huge difference.

I even listened to ESPN “NBA analyst” Ric Bucher on Mike & Mike this morning dismiss the Mavericks as a favorite to win now, saying that their victory was all about beating the Lakers and not a reflection of how good they really are.

Folks, whether you’re a basketball fan or not, this is simply unacceptable poppycock from people who obviously don’t even know the sport. The national basketball press has been mesmerized by the Los Angeles Lakers. According to the narrative, they’re the best that ever was and the expectation is that the only team on the planet that can legitimately beat the Lakers is — wait for it — the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hearing the babbling from all of these folks and reading it online, I know one thing for certain: not one of these people has ever taken the time to get to know the Dallas Mavericks. None of us fans were in the least bit surprised that the Mavs beat the Lakers, although the sweep wasn’t “expected.” After they stole the first game in L. A., we started thinking about it, though, and when we took the second game, we actually started talking about it.

Our team is a VERY gifted and deep team with a toughness not really known by these guys (and gals). And the most impressive thing — which got very little, if any, discussion — is that two of our stars didn’t even play. Caron Butler is our number two guy, and he’s been injured since January. Rodrigue Beaubois has been out with an injured foot. At full strength, we are a juggernaut, and that FACT was set aside by how the Lakers beat themselves.

Sports journalism is just like any other form of pack journalism. Everybody agrees on the narrative and presses on from there. There are no doubt some interesting stories out of the Lakers from this series, but they are not the only ones. It’s not so much anger-inducing as it is pathetic, and it’s THE essential problem with all of the contemporary press.


  1. Terry. I promise, if the Mavericks win the next two NBA championships and are going for a three-peat, the narrative will shift to the Mavericks.

  2. Dallas is very very good. They are just not “sexy” enough. They are my favorite to win it, and are playing the best ball right now. They also have the best up and coming coach. But, they do not have Phil, they haven’ t won a title yet, and they are a well oiled team of “good” guys. So……what has made you successful thus far has not struck a chord with the media.

  3. So Obama beats McCain resoundingly. If the GOP wins next year, it’ll be “Obama lost,” right? I’m not asking for fantasy, guys, just honest reporting. But then again, it IS only sports.

  4. Sorry it’s taken me this long to catch back up with your question, “So Obama beats McCain resoundingly. If the GOP wins next year, it’ll be “Obama lost,” right?”

    You’ve lost me. Are the Mavericks running for President against Obama?

    On a related note, I know that Mark Cuban used to have a public feud with Donald Trump. I’d definitely vote for Cuban over Trump.

    However, I’d probably move to New Zealand if either of them were elected.

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