Spamming the long tail

Who knew that the long tail would have value beyond the content that’s stored therein? Comment spammers, that’s who. In what is yet another example of the mischievous genius of spammers, some are now surfing for old blog posts wherein they can implant spam in comments that link to their sites. These links are then picked up by search engine spiders to add weight for searching.

Bloggers are certainly aware of comment spam, but I’m not sure this is common knowledge. These spam links go unnoticed by the bloggers, because who goes back to look at comments on an entry that’s a month or two old?

The smart folks at Sausage Software noticed this on several of my clients’ blogs this morning and are taking steps to remove the garbage.


  1. This has been happening for years now. The best solution is using solid anti-spam plugins, moderation, or simply closing comments on very old posts.

  2. We finally combined a couple of plug-ins for MovableType (SpamLook-up most notably) that have curtailed comment and trackback spammers. The weirdness of the culprits is that they continue their automated processes long after the comment spam is controlled by a plug-in. The log files on one Belmont blog indicate that several thousand comment and/or trackback spams are blocked every day…and it is still a nusiance to take out the ‘log file garbage’ on a regular basis.

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