Spam doubles. Now one-third of all email

Spam doubles. Now one-third of all email.
That’s the conclusion of a new study by IDC, the IT and telecommunications research company. According to their press release, IDC estimates that spam represented 32% of all email sent on an average day in North America in 2003, essentially doubling from 2001.

The negative business impact of spam is measured in millions of dollars annually for larger organizations. Adding to this, three-quarters of the IT executives responding to an IDC survey feel the spam problem will get worse in the next 2 years. IT executives feel strongly that government legislation will have little to no effect on the spam problem.
IDC notes that investments in anti-spam solutions have jumped during the past year, and I don’t doubt that. There are a lot of people who think RSS will repace email one day, and while I’ve yet to fully understand all the nuances of such an application, I can see its value. A user would only open his or her door to people with an invitation. How nice would that be?

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