Southwest is a bit dingie

Dear Southwest Airlines,

I fly you guys a lot, and I had a wish to communicate something to you that I thought would be helpful. So I went to your Website only to discover that you don’t accept emails. You say it’s because you want to be able to give people good customer service.


Now, while I prefer your airline above others, I think this is just marketing crap. You don’t accept e‑mail, because you find it more efficient to handle snail mail and telephone calls. That’s fine, but let’s be honest about it. Haven’t you guys heard that we’ve entered the digital age? Or does that just apply to your own efficiencies?

I don’t write snail mail anymore. I do have this little blog with which I can share certain annoyances with the world. That’s what I’m doing right now, because, well, you only want to hear from me on your terms.

I was going to tell you that this “Ding” program of yours would a lot more useful as an RSS feed, rather than forcing people to download yet another bloody application. Have your assistant call my assistant, and we’ll talk about it sometime.

Yours Truly,

A. Customer

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