Social TV and Second Screens: To What End?

Here’s the latest in the ongoing series of essays, “Local Media in a Postmodern World:”

Social TV and Second Screens: To What End?

This one is for broadcasters and broadcast companies. An awkward situation is brewing for broadcasters in the world of social media. As advertisers continue to spend money on themselves that used to go to advertising, they’re discovering the value of so-called “second screen” experiences and, in some cases, tailoring their TV ads to jump start the process. The problem is that the TV industry is doing the same thing, and in so doing, competing with the people who pay the bills. This is doubly problematic, because we already know that this “second screen” activity can and does take place during the very commercial breaks that pay those bills. If you haven’t explored the world of unintended consequences in this area, I urge you to read this essay – all the way through.


  1. Spot on, Terry. However it appears to me that you are becoming trapped in the transition. You understand the new realities more than most in your business. Yet you still earn your living in the old, 20th century models. What a quandary. Good luck.

  2. Terry, I agre with Jack — on-the-money — but little evidence you are reaching escape velocity from the gravity and legacy of 20th century thinking.

    I can validate this essay; I’m working on a project for Warner Television — social monitoring dashboards for programming execs.

  3. i really miss lostremote- once upon a time you didn’t need a facebook account to comment there.

    their loss.

  4. Jack and Bill, I actually have been able to make progress in many areas, but my job is to stay out front. It can be a lonely and thankless job. I’m starting a new assignment soon where we’ll be taking on some of this responsibility ourselves, and I’m super excited by that.

    It reminds me of the story of a church that fired its preacher and hired a new one. His first sermon was about love, and the congregation was all smiles as they left. The next week, however, was another sermon about love, followed by another and then another. Finally, one member said something while exiting the church. “When,” he queried, “are you going to talk about something other than love, like sin?”

    The pastor smiled and replied, “When I feel you’ve finally learned the lesson of love.”


  1. […] “Postmodernism is a change-or-be-changed world. The word is out: Reinvent yourself for the 21st century or die! Some would rather die than change.” Leonard Sweet, cultural historian. « Social TV and Second Screens: To What End? […]

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