Smile, you’re on candid cellphone

Smile, you’re on candid cellphone
Cellphones that double as digital cameras will be another popular item on Christmas lists this year, but privacy advocates are already waving flags left and right. USA Today reports there are 80 million of these phones in circulation worldwide, but their popularity is just getting going in the U.S.

Fears over their use are based on what has happened overseas. In Asia and Western Europe, photos of nude women taken by camera phones are proliferating on the Internet. In China, a rapist used a camera phone to photograph the victim and threatened to expose her to ridicule if she went to authorities. Worried about industrial espionage, camera phone manufacturer Samsung has banned their use in some of its own factories, according to the market research firm Strategy Analytics.
This will be an interesting, on-going story as the popularity spreads here. Watch for camera phone stories to appear in the tabloids extensively. Already, celebrities are asking they be banned from private functions.

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