Signs of the times

Rebecca Lieb, executive editor of ClickZ, told a funny story during a panel discussion yesterday at which I was a participant. She told of disciplining her daughter by taking away television privileges only to discover the girl watching the very program in her bedroom on her computer that she would’ve been watching in the living room.

On the same panel, Giovanni Gallucci said that he had replaced the television set in his home with a Mac.


  1. Macs are *ideal* replacements for the idiot box. I’m thrilled that this idea is getting out there and believe that, with the turning tide in media consumption, this is going to be a trend.

    I haven’t owned a television since 1999, and never intend to do so again. On the rare occasions that I desire to numb my brain, I buy an episode of CSI or Law and Order and watch it on my Mac. No commercials, I can pause it at will, put it on my iPod and take it with me, or do whatever else I want to with it. Better, I have the peace and quiet of a home without a one-eyed monster full of commercials where Farmer Dan squawks, “Your credit approved, because I AM THE BANK!”

  2. When we threaten punishment for the kids, it is “no screens,” rather than “no TV.” That way (we think) we’re covered.

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