Seigenthaler: Broadcasters rarely make corrections

I’ve just spent the past hour listening to a fascinating panel discussion involving Al Gore, John Seigenthaler and Jimmy Wales that I highly recommend. You’ll recall the “problem” that Seigenthaler encountered with Wales’ Wikipedia last year, and that is the basis for the entire discussion. It is an outstanding conversation between three intellectuals about free speech and the need for accuracy, and you won’t be disappointed.

In the conversation, Seigenthaler delivers a healthy rebuke to the broadcast news industry about what he views as its unwillingness to correct errors, even going so far as to suggest that broadcasters don’t deserve the large audiences they get, because they don’t care about accuracy on the same level as print journalists. Listen for yourself; it’s worth the time.

A big thanks to Tom Cheredar for uploading the file.


  1. It’s Seigenthaler.

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