Shelly Palmer’s iPhone

This is a worthwhile read, not because it rips the iPhone, but because Shelly has such a nice way of telling it like it is. And the way Shelly sees it, the iPhone isn’t ready for business use, and he provides 13 good reasons why.

Should you buy one? If you want to be the coolest kid on your block, sure. If you are happy with AT&T/Cingular as a wireless provider, sure. If you are willing to carry an additional cell phone to make important calls, sure. If you are seeking knowledge about the future of personal communications and want to “see for yourself,” sure. Otherwise, I’d wait for at least one, if not two, generations. iLove my iPhone. I truly do. It’s just not suitable for the purpose for which it was designed. This may sound negative, but it’s not. We all own many beautiful things that don’t really do much. My iPhone is techno-art and I’m happy to have it.

I didn’t buy an iPhone, and I’m enjoying the conversations with the folks at my Verizon store about various iPhone issues and about how the Apple “phone” has lit a fire beneath the butts of LG, Motorola and other providers to offer similar services. Stay tuned.


  1. Last week I received two mailings from Verizon on the same day. One telling me about a new service available on my Moto Q (V Cast music — big deal!) and the other offering me 100 free minutes to take part in an online service. Funny, I haven’t received anything like that in the seven plus years I have been a Verizon customer. Talk about a company that could definitely benefit from a little heat under the posterior!

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