Shaw preaches to a dying choir

Matt Welch does an excellent job of deconstructing the David Shaw article I referenced yesterday. It’s excellent material for anybody who finds themselves in a debate with mainstreamers about the nonsense spouted by Shaw. The best quote:

In case you didn’t notice, Shaw thinks he and his colleagues are “accurate and fair”.… This, I believe, is the nut of his real objection — that the weird, ahistorical 1960–2000 period of newspaper consolidation, and the “professionalization” that came with it, produced a monochromatic culture of trying-to-be-fair newsgathering that Shaw believes is basically the only legitimate form of journalism. It’s an incredibly conservative and arrogant view, and he’s been using it like a club for years to bash bloggers, web zines, business journals, alt weeklies, new tabloids, other publications with short word-counts, conservative media critics, and anything else he considers to be weaker links in the journalistic food chain.
Bonus link: Jay Rosen on the death of the printed newspaper. Excellent.

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