Selling Against Ourselves

Here is the latest in the on-going series of essays, TV News in a Postmodern World. This paper examines the conundrum of companies whose business models are disrupted by innovation and are forced into the difficult position of selling against themselves in order to create a business within the innovation. This is precisely where we find mainstream media companies today, as new media technologies are threatening their very existence. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but business history is full of stories of those who successfully accomplished the mission — as well as those who didn’t.

I believe this is a key question facing all local television stations today, as we try and establish new business models with the internet. Will we have the courage to actually sell against ourselves?

Selling Against Ourselves

I’m on another jet today for a quick trip to Florida and returning tonight. See you on the back side.


  1. Terry, I just posted an interview on my videoblog you might like. We interviewed a Nashville small biz owner that I just heard you guys mentioned at BloggerCon. Check it out at

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