RSS isn’t growing fast enough for some

PR guru Steve Rubel wonders if our culture will ever fully grab hold of RSS. Dave Winer tells him to just let it be, but Steve laments, “My concern is that if the feed consuming population doesn’t grow then maybe publishing on the corporate side won’t take off as hoped.”

Still, the question gnaws at me — what’s it gonna take? What’s going to “tip” it? Will RSS tip further? I sure hope so. However, if one-click subscribe links to the two largest portals in the world can’t tip it on the user side, what will?
I read Steve’s stuff every day, because he’s right out there on the edge in a world that’s profoundly impacted by disruptive innovations. But the concern expressed here is old world. (see entry below) He wants/needs the “feed consuming population” to grow.

That is only important to top-downers. Winer’s right. We can nurture this, but we can’t force anything about it. Relax, Steve.


  1. Ohm. Ohm. Ok, done. Thanks Terry!

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