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Folks, this is much bigger than you may think. Titleist, the people who make the golf balls I use, has gotten into the business of RSS marketing. Now, I’m a consumer of their products, so I’m interested in certain information from them. Thanks to RSS, I don’t need any form of media to give it to me.

Dave Winer hits the nail on the head (what else is new?):

An example of RSS-as-advertising; much more powerful than advertising-in-RSS. Why pay someone else to hitch a ride in a conversation, when you can host it yourself? Much more cost-effective, and appreciated by customers. People don’t like intrusive marketing as much as they like finding commercial information they’re looking for.
We’re going to see much, much more of this in the months and years ahead, and I think it’s a HUGE threat to the media status quo. We’ll see.


  1. It’s rare, but I think you are actually a little late to spotting this party. Check USAT’s RSS feeds, there are multiple commercial feeds. Industry Brains and others are providing RSS feeds from their sponsored links databases.

  2. Thanks, Antonio. I wasn’t aware of USAToday’s efforts, and I’ll use the information downstream. For those who care, here’s their RSS page.

    I’m not so much late to the party as I am in having bad directions to the party house.

    Thanks again.

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