Right Brain Renaissance

Here is the latest in the ongoing series of essays, TV News in a Postmodern World. This essay examines what I believe is a right brain renaissance in our culture — a shift away from counting numbers and making rules to creative thinking and creative expression. When people speak of culture wars, this conflict is very much at the center.

This is an important understanding as we move into the Media 2.0 space, for much of what “works” here doesn’t make a lot of sense. Or perhaps it’s better to say that it makes sense only after it has been up and running for awhile, when we can see what it’s all about. But by then, it’s often too late for us. Google is the classic example. Their purchase of YouTube doesn’t compute with those who think in a purely left brain fashion, but to those who see beyond the numbers, it’s a perfect marriage. Google itself didn’t make a lot of sense as a media company just a few years ago. This is what I mean when I say that looking for left brain understanding in a right brain renaissance will bring us to the table too late.

And there has never been a time when we need creative thinking in local television, yet most creative concepts are shot down, because they can’t stand the test of left brain goal-setting and planning. This is a serious challenge for all management levels in broadcasting.

Right Brain Renaissance


  1. great piece!

    can i suggest anyone visiting “thepomoblog” go back and read some of your older stuff to see just how on-the-mark you’ve been all along, Terry Lee?

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