Reuters shifts its brand to consumers

The wire service company has taken a bold step in a new direction by launching an online news service aimed at consumers, according to an article in Revolution Magazine.

Chris Ahearn, president of Reuters Media, said: “This is the first in a series of consumer services we will be launching this year that invite audiences to directly experience our news and information.

“Our philosophy is to offer viewers the ability to choose the news that matters most to them, wherever and whenever it is breaking, and to see for themselves what’s really happening on the ground. This is the future of the television news experience.”

While questions abound (doesn’t this negatively impact their wire service revenue?), I think this is a smart (and inevitable) move for Reuters, and I love Ahearn’s bold assertion that the future means the viewer is in charge. It also should make anybody in the video news business sit up and take notice.

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