Resizing the Wall St. Journal

Is there a better illustration of what’s happening to traditional media than this photo? The Wall St. Journal (I’m a subscriber) began selling the smaller version of its paper last week, and while I like it, the image of the “new” Journal is telling. I don’t wish to beat up the newspaper industry, but here’s an interesting comparison.

Screen resolution of home computer monitors has been changing since the early days, that is to say the screen size has been getting bigger. According to Browser News, the default screen resolution is now 1024x768 pixels. Over 80 percent of computers report this resolution (or higher) now. Only 15 percent use the “old” 800x600 resolution.

Since browsers are adjustable, nobody really knows the default browser window size now, but most sites are currently designed to be 980 pixels wide, up from the popular 800 pixel width just a few years ago. Sites that continue with 800 pixel width will sooner or later get wider.

Contrast this with the Journal getting narrower, and the picture of a changing media world is complete.

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