Repurposing news and programming content

Cable networks are finding value in repurposing their content for a Video-On-Demand (VOD) world. TV Week (Free registration required) reports on efforts by The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, but it seems everybody’s getting into the game.

As content proliferates on multiple platforms-from the mother ship of linear television to the emerging media offspring of broadband, video-on-demand and wireless-content providers are mining their cutting-room-floor footage and recycling, repurposing and reusing material across the new screens.

As a result, many networks are in the embryonic stages of determining how to rejigger their production and shooting schedules, and more important, whether such changes can yet be monetized.

The key is to shoot smarter, said Channing Dawson, senior VP, emerging media, Scripps Networks. “We are starting down the road of how to model financially, how to handle the shooting and the logistics. How do you piggyback production so you can produce five three-minute pieces for broadband or VOD in an additional three hours? Do you set up as a separate shoot or a piggyback shoot?” he asked.

While there isn’t much demand for this at the local level (yet), the market for VOD is virtually limitless. Broadband television is tomorrow’s cable TV, something smart producers have already recognized. Broadcasters should be paying attention too.

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