Recommended reading: Democracy in Media

San Francisco-based “serial entrepreneur” Alex Rowland has a wonderful blog that I just discovered today. His “Democracy in Media” has been up for a few months and already contains some gems, including a wonderful description of the difference between what he calls open distribution systems and closed distribution systems.

It seems that the fundamental difference between “open” and “closed” distribution is similar to the difference between the file attributes “read only” and “read and write.” Closed media distribution networks, like Barnes and Nobles, XM Radio, iTunes, and Comcast are based on unidirectional communications; they’re basically “read only.” Open media distribution networks, such as Blogger, Flickr, and Ourmedia are based on bidirectional communications; they’re basically “read and write.”
I also enjoyed his take on the (INDtv) launch, and my only complaint is that he doesn’t post more often. C’mon, Alex! Yours is a voice that needs to be heard.

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