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Kevin Roach, acting head of domestic broadcast news operations, The Associated Press:

“In all the traveling I do, I always flip on local stations and I often hear — still after all these years it just blows me away — the line that drives me crazy, which is, “For more on this story go to our Web site.” What does that mean? To me, to the customer, to the viewer, I think it means nothing. It means a whole lot of nothing.”

Via TVNewsday.com.


  1. Under the heading of no question is dumb, can you explain why “go to our website for more” means nothing to a viewer?

  2. Thanks, Randy. I’ll try.

    The concept of making more information available online isn’t the issue. That is a definite “do” in terms of meeting the information needs of your broadcast audience and exposing them to online advertising. The problem with the statement is that it’s too vague. It’s actually insulting, because once they get there, they have to find it among the hundreds of other options normally associated with the home page.

    Some companies use an image that says something like “As seen on Channel 2 News,” which then takes the user to a page with hundreds of links about items that were used on-the-air. This is problematic, because this image competes with all the other images on the page, which leads back to the first point.

    I believe the best stations can do is to get into the keyword business with a keyword search at the top of their page. With keywords, you can lead users EXACTLY where they want to go, even off your site. The cost of interaction is low, and news people get used to creating keywords that work.

    “For more information, just go to our website and enter keyword ‘budget.’ ”

  3. Got it. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

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