Push marketing’s demise

Fascinating but frightening numbers from today’s MediaPost Search Insider:

A recent Yankelovich Partners study found that 65 percent of consumers now feel “constantly bombarded” by advertising. To make matters worse, 59 percent feel that ads have very little relevance to them. Nearly 70 percent even indicated they would be interested in products or services that would help them avoid marketing pitches.

Yet according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project (PIP) and comScore Networks “data memo” released last week, Internet users are largely satisfied with the returns from their frequent searches and 87 percent of search engine users find the information they’re seeking “most of the time”. Search marketing works for consumers because it is not merely messaging, but is also providing a useful service.

To quote Doc Searls once again, “There is no demand for messages.” We need to shop and such — and we need some help making decisions — but we want (we insist) to do it on our own terms.

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