Pump up the volume

The networks — especially NBC — have figured out one of my key TV viewing quirks. You see, I like to crank the volume ALL THE WAY UP during the commercial breaks and turn it WAY, WAY DOWN during the shows themselves. I don’t know about you, but I like to sit back and enjoy my commercials. Nothing like ’em. A broad smile adorns my face, as my eardrums throb to the music and sound effects of all that selling. But then, when the programs are on — with all that dialog that I don’t really care about — I like to strain to hear. It’s especially good when the air conditioner is running, because background noise enhances the experience of not hearing the programs.

But the good folks at NBC have apparently heard my prayers, and they now do it for me. What a nice bunch of folks.


  1. Yeah. I think that there aught to be a standard. Although I guess cranking the levels for commercials on a regular basis on most channels might be considered an informal standard of sorts.

  2. Luckily NBC isn’t the only network doing this. If you time it right, you can turn from one loud commercial block to another without ever hitting an attenuated show.

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