Publish the unpublishable on the Web

Publishing the “unpublishable” on the Web
In the Postmodern mindset, filtered information is unacceptable. Pomos have a greater problem with the filter than the information. “Let me experience it like it is,” is their ultimate mantra. This can run afoul of good taste in the media, but a growing number of news outlets are using the Web to display photos and video they wouldn’t otherwise publish or broadcast. The latest is in Walworth County, Wisconsin, where editors of The Week had a photo of a murder suspect giving reporters “the finger.” It wasn’t right for the Sunday paper, so they put it on their Website. Editor Dan Plutchak noted, “The power of the image is so strong that it can’t be ignored. It asks more questions than it answers, considering his parents are dead. One of the unanticipated consequence of the Internet, thankfully, is that newsworthy images like this can still be seen. The importance of the pictures like these add to the understanding of events in our communities won’t be lost in a controversy of what is fit to been seen in the Sunday paper.” Well said, Mr. Plutchak.

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