Provocative insight on Obama’s spirituality

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but…

In 2004, Chicago Sun-Times religion writer Cathleen Falsani interviewed freshman state legislator Barack Obama about his spiritual beliefs. Earlier this year, she republished the entire interview on her blog, and I just read it this morning. Fascinating stuff, and it explains his connection with both Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger. Of course, he’s had to distance himself from these folks now, and one can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened in those early primaries had his relationship with these two — and their inflammatory rhetoric — been made public sooner. Most pundits credited Hillary’s success in later primaries to the votes of women seeking representation, but I think — rightly or wrongly — Obama’s connection with these two men played a role.

Still, this interview provides an intimate look inside the spiritual beliefs of a man who may be President, and it’s a worthwhile read. I found myself nodding in agreement with much of what he said, and I think he was remarkably (and refreshingly) candid.

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