Prediction: Internet might disappear in 2004

Prediction: Internet might disappear in 2004
The Web will gain such ubiquity in the year ahead that we’ll no longer think about it. Oakland-based Web development firm, e‑agency, says, “The Internet in all its various incarnations will soon become as ubiquitous in our modern, everyday life as, say, electric power, running water or written words. The Internet is fast becoming part of every tool and toy we use, to the point that eventually, we won’t think about it. Simply put, the Internet is not just about “computers” any more.”

That’s a clever way to get our attention, but the report goes on to make some logical assumptions about the year. And in all this ubiquity (word of the day), we must not forget that there are a great number of people out there — like my friend, Scott — who’ve never been on the Internet. What e‑agency is saying is that he’ll eventually end up there, although he might not realize it in the way that I do. That would be the ultimate in Postmodernism — I can use the technology without having to learn about it. It is, after all, the Age of Participation.

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