PR not eager to exploit blogs’ (growing) popularity

PR not eager to exploit blogs’ (growing) popularity
Who knew? A new study by The Blog Search Engine shows the public relations machine is leary of blogging — and with good reason. According to a report in MediaPost’s MediaNewsDaily, 91% of bloggers have yet to be contacted by PR minions hoping to convince them to blog about a specific product or service, perhaps because individual bloggers don’t have sufficient audience size or because the industry just isn’t paying any attention to bloggers yet.

Nonetheless, nearly 74 percent of respondents said they’d be amenable to receiving information from PR pros, with a caveat: nearly half say they would post a negative review if they don’t like the product or service being pushed. What this means, the survey’s planners say, is that PR practitioners should tread warily, attempting to discern a blogger’s likes and dislikes before targeting him or her. Similarly, all pitches to bloggers should be carefully customized.
While I find all this interesting, I don’t expect there will ever be a successful marriage between PR and blogs, at least not in the way marketing currently works. Bloggers, by nature, are resistant to manipulation. However, there are (thankfully) no rules for blogging, and the day will surely come when bloggers are paid by the points of view they represent. The PR machine — just like the media in general — will have to abandon its need for command and control. That’ll happen when pigs fly, which is why I’m one of those who believe the Internet is dismantling the Modernist media culture from the bottom up.


  1. Love your blog, Mr. Heaton!

    Bloggers are finally getting the respect they deserve — at least the more well-known ones. I think that ads will eventually become part of some blogs, but I for one will never take them seriously. Will Pitt, who runs, posted on a liberal DB that he was invited to lunch today at Al Franken’s apartment. John F. Kerry will be there. I think this is truly awesome. One guy with a website has made himself a player. The internet makes so much possible!!!

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