PR industry mag goes online daily

PR industry mag goes online daily
PRWeek, the house organ for the public relations industry, has launched a daily online version, According to a press release on Business Wire, the daily online edition is built on the platform of their retooled Website. Eric Arnold is the editor.

“PRWeek’s goal has always been to provide essential reading for every US public relations professional and to champion PR in all its forms as an essential business discipline. The new will help bring us closer to that goal.”
Spoken like a real PR guy (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Public Relations is wary of the Internet with its no holds barred. PR is all about command and control, birthed in World War One’s Creel Commission with our good friend, Walter Lippmann. The new PR is, of course, a conversation, but this institution will be the last to accept it. As industry magazines go, PRWeek is quite young (5 years), and while this is a welcome move, I’m not holding my breath waiting for a PR blog.

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