Poynter adopting RSS

Poynter adopting RSS.
I’m delighted to learn that Poynter’s E‑Media Tidbits is now available via RSS. Here’s the URL: http://poynterextra.org/rss/tidbits.xml. I think this is significant for a couple of reasons. One, I seldom visit newsy Websites anymore, because my RSS reader does it for me. If your material isn’t available via RSS, chances are I won’t read it. Am I that important? Heck no, but the RSS evolution is just beginning. Trust me on this. Anybody that’s not syndicating their material will soon find their audience shrinking. Secondly, Poynter is a very valuable resource in the world of journalism. What they say counts, and they NEED to be a part of the discussion that’s taking place in the blogosphere, which is primarily transmitted via RSS.

Good for you, Poynter. Now if I could just get Romenesko via RSS.

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