Postmodernism’s Most Important Gift

Here is the latest in the ongoing series of essays, Local Media in a Postmodern World. This one is an intellectual exercise that may not be for everyone. Hang with it, though, because it’s all about challenging our assumptions, something I’ve benefited from greatly over the last decade or so. I’m also offering ten mass media assumptions that need to be challenged while we work in a time of tremendous change.

As we go about our lives, we do so with a tremendous number of assumptions in place, little things or big things that determine how we think and sometimes how we behave. We’ve all heard the old saw about assumptions making asses, but I’m talking about core assumptions, things we don’t consciously question, because we, well, assume them to be truth — perhaps even absolute.

Postmodernism forces the challenging of assumptions, and I view this as a great benefit to culture. The legalists and fundamentalists of every field will disagree, of course, and that’s a source of great — albeit not necessarily visible — drama today.

Postmodernism’s Most Important Gift


  1. Jason Leary says

    Postmodernism has NO gift. Postmodernism which IS indeed a variety of relativism, is pusillanimous, ugly, evil, effeminate , ANTI-philosophical trash without any scintilla of even partial merit . Postmodernism is the ideology of sell-outs .

  2. Jason Leary says

    Almost forgot to add .

    Postmodernism is the ideology of the tacky-trendy yuppie subculture (i.e. the sort of subculture that apparently acts AS IF it were okay to suck up such cultural detritus as ghastly , sordid gossip about little children like Jon Benet Ramsey being killed–on Entertainment Tonight) .

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