Playing defense when offense is required

Here’s the latest in my ongoing series of essays, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

Playing Defense When Offense is Required

The world of local media is under attack by powerful outside forces, including a bad economy. We find ourselves with our defensive units on the field constantly, and this is interfering with our ability to play offense. The problem is that this is a time when offense is what’s really required, if we are to survive into the future. This is not a new message for me, but I’ve tried to state the situation a little differently this time in the hope that some who were unable to receive it in times past will now be open to the message.

I’m in Chicago for the annual Borrell Local Mobile Advertising Conference this weekend. I’m moderating a discussion with my friend, Raycom’s Pat LaPlatney on how to make money with “consumer generated content.” I’ll be using the thoughts expressed in this essay, which is why it’s being published today. If you’re in Chicago, drop by the session and say hello.


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