Pew: One in six use wireless Web

Pew: One in six use wireless Web.
Reuters is reporting on new data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project that shows a growing market for wireless Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi).

Seventeen percent have logged on (to the Web) using a wireless device, and those under 27 were nearly twice as likely to have done so.
Meanwhile, an ambitious plan in London has raised the eyebrows of government leaders. According to The Register, Last Mile Communications has officially revealed its plans to install 150,000 wireless circuits, including memory, in 150,000 lampposts in the UK. Cool, huh?
The Last Mile technology uses very much faster data than Wi-Fi can achieve, and enhances this with clever proxy/cache design. Each lamppost contains not only the 63–65 GHz wireless unit, but a large memory store, which will hold around 80 per cent of the data that most people will want to download.

Data which isn’t in the post will be sucked from the Internet over a variety of backhaul routes; if necessary, from lamppost to post in a high speed mesh, if no other backbone is handy.

I love this kind of forward-thinking. Imagine one day driving through town talking via VoIP instead of a mobile phone, sending and receiving text, graphics — even video — at the same time! The lawyers will have a field day.

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