Pew: 55 percent of adults have broadband

Pew: 55 percent of adults have broadband.
When you combine home and the office, over half of all Americans have access to the Internet via a broadband connection. That’s the latest finding of the Pew Internet and American Life Project. 42 percent have broadband access at home, which is far ahead of predictions even just a couple of years ago.

That broadband is growing is nothing new to this blog, but the size of the growth is a bit surprising. This should be a(nother) wake-up call for broadcasters, because Internet “broadcasting” — streaming video — is one of the key applications for broadband.

The Washington Post: The Pew report echoes findings from other research. A recent report from the In-Stat/MDR market research firm proclaimed 2003 “a major breakthrough for residential broadband service.”

The Associated Press: The increase counters Pew’s findings from last spring suggesting that the broadband market had begun to stabilize. That study found fewer Internet veterans wishing to upgrade their dial-up lines.

Reuters: Both President Bush and John F. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, have called for wider broadband availability in the past several weeks. Consumer frustration has largely been responsible for the jump, the survey’s author, John Horrigan, said.

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