Per request, me and my banjo

The Heaton BrothersAt the request, or challenge of Rex Hammock, I’m putting up an MP3 of myself and my two brothers, Bob and Jim, from a tape made in our basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1965. I was 18. My younger brother Bob was a a virtuoso mandelin player at the age of 16. Older brother Jim played guitar. He was 20. We performed as “The Heaton Brothers” on television and on stages around Michigan in the mid 60s. Vietnam broke us up.

We performed this song, Rawhide, for Bill Monroe in his hotel room, and Bill tipped his hat to my little brother.

We were really quite good, and although this recording is pretty rough, I think you’ll agree. We were certainly a novelty in the Midwest, and I’m pretty sure my life would have been very different were it not for Vietnam. Enjoy.


Rawhide, by The Heaton Brothers.


  1. Amazing, Terry. I know that recording must bring back some incredible memories. (The things one learns from blogging. ; )

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