Passages (Temporary)

I’m temporarily suspending activity here, because I’m now writing regularly for The Huffington Post. In this season of book promotion, this seems a smart move, because my intent all along in writing The Gospel of Self was to become a part of the bigger discussion regarding the shift of our culture to the right. This move helps that goal. Here’s the link to find my work there:

The Huffington Post — Terry Heaton

Meanwhile, I’m doing radio interviews all over the place. I had the opportunity to speak with the great Ed Tyll yesterday, and wanted to share that with you. He’s a hoot, and I’m hoping they’ll have me back real soon.


  1. Richard McClelland says

    I enjoyed your essay at Huffington Post today, August 8, 2017. However, I take issue with your dating of the pact between (some) evangelicals and the GOP. I spent over 40 years in the evangelical world, and that pact was alive and well already in the late 1950’s in the circles I ran in. And it was already distorting the way in which theology got done in that tradition. Where we are today is a natural outgrowth of that early association, as you suggest. I say “we” but have to add that I am not now religious at all. Still, it is not surprising that some who feel deeply estranged from modern culture would align their politics and morality with something like the GOP. I do not doubt that there is deep biological explanation for that marriage of convenience.

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