Out of the mouths of babes

Alexa KitchenThe world is truly a small place. Wednesday’s Rocketboom featured a short sound bite with 8‑year old Alexa Kitchen, a comic book prodigy who’s been selling her work since she was 6‑years old. As you can imagine, she’s a mature little thing, but she’s still only 8‑years old, and there is SUCH great wisdom that comes from the mouths of babes. For when she was asked about the source of her ideas, she responded:

“I don’t really know. They just pop into my head from Pluto.”
This got my attention, because it expresses a philosophy I hold dear, that creative concepts already exist in a place available to everybody, and as such, nobody really “owns” the ones that they find. Richard Adams called this “The Unbroken Web,” and he used it to explain why the same ancient stories popped up at roughly the same time in various places around the planet. Bill Monroe of bluegrass music fame felt the same way.

It’s why I never assume that I can sit on my ideas, because somebody else is always touching the unbroken web, or, as Alexa puts it, “Pluto.”

So I did a little Googling on Alexa Kitchen and discovered that she is the daughter of one Denis Kitchen, counterculture artist and cartoonist extraordinaire and a dear friend of mine from my days in Milwaukee (1970s). Denis and I have reconnected, thanks to Rocketboom and a little clip featuring this budding star. He tells me the New York Times is stopping by next week for an interview. And so it begins.


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    creative concepts already exist in a place available to everybody

    Interesting concept that is also found interwoven into the narrative arc of the Myst series — particularly the accompanying novels.

    Conflict occurs over who ‘owns’ the created worlds and whether myst book writers were creating something out of nothing, or linking to something that aleardy existed.

    Interesting thread.

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