I’m back home after another “interesting” adventure in healthcare, the removal of my gallbladder. We arrived at the hospital to discover that the surgery had been canceled. What? Long story short, there was another Terry Heaton who got his gallbladder removed a week earlier. After some fancy footwork by my doctor (“We can fix this”), the deed was done. I had trouble getting out of recovery, but that was rectified with a catheter, and I was on my way. Not such a good night, but I’m home and it’s over.

Now for the Law & Order marathon on TNT.


  1. I had mine out in February and it made a significant difference in my quality of life. I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.

    My last name was Smith, I went through a period in college where my records were distributed between three other girls.

  2. Terry: Glad you are home and your hosptial marathon is behind you. Rest up, re-charge the batteries and have a happy Fourth.

  3. yes, have a happy fourth… and a fifth, if you partake.

    mike too!

  4. Glad you’re home and resting. Hang in there, Terry.

  5. Glad you’re back and your surgery was successful. Have a healthy recovery!

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