Only in computing does smaller mean more power

Only in computing does smaller mean more power
This paragraph caught my attention in a Reuters story about Intel’s new next-generation test chip:

The transistors on the Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) test chips are so small that 10 million of them would fit in one square millimeter, roughly the size of the top of a ball point pen, according to the Santa Clara, California-based company.
Stop and think about that for a moment. It boggles the Modernist mind. The article points out that the smaller the circuitry the more transistors can be packed into a chip for more functionality and better performance. These new chips will enable Intel to double the number of transistors it can put on a single chip from today’s chips. This kind of development is terribly exciting to Postmoderns, who view with anticipation the experiences that lie ahead in the world of technology. For those of us in the communications industry, the future is truly limited only by our imagination.

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