Online video ad model established

MediaDailyNews is reporting this morning that Microsoft has quietly moved its Web video advertising technology out of beta and into the marketplace.

Now officially called MSN Video 2, the broadband video advertising platform became available “for general sale to a broader set of clients late last week,” according to Eric Hadley, director of marketing and advertising for MSN. He said advertiser demand has been considerable, and there is now “substantially more inventory available.”

Hadley said that ads on MSN Video 2 will appear “somewhat like TV ads,” except that only one 7–12-second video ad will appear for each piece of content. Hadley added that while consumers don’t necessarily need a broadband connection to view MSN video, the video capabilities are limited for narrowband users.

Folks, Microsoft has researched and delivered the model for broadband streaming ads, and I sure hope my local station friends are paying attention. In the months ahead, you’d be smart to begin developing these 7–12 second ads for local advertisers and selling them as a part of your online inventory.

Dayport makes it easy to handle all of this, and I’ve long loved their software (Viacom seems to like it too!). The only objection I had was that it wouldn’t work with 30-second commercials, although clients like TBTV in Canada have successfully used that formula. The new Microsoft model is much more reasonable to me, because they’re delivering what people will accept. Very smart.

This is pretty big news, IMO.

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