Online polls influence baseball decision

Online polls influence baseball decision.
The Internet is all about power to the people, right? Well, here’s a first. According to ESPN and The New York Times, major league baseball has changed its mind about placing “Spider-Man 2” ads on bases during games. But here’s the real news: Online polls, which were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea, influenced the decision!

“We saw some of the polls on the Internet that said that 71 and 81 percent of the fans didn’t approve of it,” Geoffrey Ammer, president of worldwide marketing for the Columbia-Tri-Star Motion Picture Group, told “Based on this reaction from the fans, we didn’t want to do anything to take away from their enjoyment of the game and if that was the case with this element of the promotion, we could afford to do without it.”
Events like this will only serve to generate others, and I couldn’t be happier. Involving your customers in your decisions is one of the strengths of the Internet, and I’m always pleased to see it working on their behalf. I salute major league baseball for the decision (although I wasn’t really bothered by the ads — but that’s another story).

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