Okay, this is getting weird

Yesterday, it was “Smart” ads; today’s it’s tracking your mouse movements. That’s right. We have yet another attempt to provide THE solution for online advertising, from a company with a name culled from the words “local, target and message” = Lotame. Online Media Daily provides the details:

Only Lotame focuses on social media sites, and builds audience networks based on how much time they spend on a site, and specifically, with advertising on that site. The tools are so sophisticated that they utilize biometric techniques that can determine whether a user’s mouse is active or inactive on a screen and whether their screen scrolls on or off a page showing an ad, or even partially obscuring it.

In effect, (Lotame CEO Andy) Monfried says the system does for the social media marketplace, what Google’s AdWords system did for keyword search buys, or what Advertising.com did for the first generation of display advertising across advertising networks: allow marketers to efficiently scale their messages to a relevant audience and to strip away extraneous impressions.

Geeze Louise, doesn’t anybody in advertising realize that we’re talking about people here? Every new concept and application just walks past that and assumes that the only thing that matters is “scaling messages to a relevant audience.”

When I read about this kind of stuff, I always go back to pop-up ads. They were pretty effective for advertisers, but what happened? The technology that was used to deliver the ads was blocked at the browser level by people who didn’t want to go along with Madison Avenue. At some point, we’re going to have to talk to people about what they will accept before launching into the same old formulas that have driven people into the escape mode of today.

As Doc says, “Improving a pain in the ass doesn’t make it a kiss.”


  1. Hello Big Brother! This is not only getting weird, it’s getting scary! I don’t want someone tracking my every move on my computer. I don’t care if that person wants to sell me something or steal my identity – the process seems eerily similar!


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