Of lawsuits and bloggers

Steve Safran over at Lost Remote is calling for a blog boycott of Macworld, which begins today in San Francisco. Steve’s upset (like a great many folks) that Apple is suing two bloggers for publishing what it believes to be company secrets. The bloggers — both of whom blog about Mac products and thereby promote those products — obtained these “secrets” via apparently very good sources. Steve Jobs wants to control such things, so his lawyers filed suit against these shallow-pocketed individuals.

This is a call to all bloggers today: don’t post a thing about Apple’s Macworld San Francisco. Don’t write about the new products that are going to be announced. Don’t write reviews. Don’t blog Steve Jobs’s speech. Let them see the power of bloggers.

Screw ’em.

I have three Macs at home. I have an iPod. I use iTunes weekly. And I am singularly appalled at the Microsoft-style tactics Apple is using on bloggers. And if Apple is alienating me, they’re alienating plenty more Macheads.

Steve’s right, and I hope people follow his lead. Macworld is a big event, and Jobs counts on the publicity from it to sell his products.

Meanwhile, the Media Bloggers Association (of which I’m a member) has announced the appointment of Ronald D. Coleman, of the Coleman Law Firm, PC as general counsel. Coleman will be build a team of attorneys around the country to provide MBA members with first-line counsel on matters relating to the use of intellectual property, defamation and other issues arising from their weblogging. This is a very good move in an effort to help the blogosphere with nonsense like the Apple suit.


Remember the Delta flight attendant (Queen of the Sky) who lost her job because she posted pictures of herself inside a jet on her blog? She’s organizing a Bloggers Bill of Rights petition. The site also includes a list of companies that its users view as “blogophobic.” I’m not sure how effective this will be, but it’s always fun to watch citizens exercise their freedoms.

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