Of hawks and doves

Regular readers here know I’m a nature-lover. My backyard is home to whatever I can bring into it, especially the neighborhood birds and squirrels. The dogs have had their fun with cats, possum and raccoons, but this morning, we had a visitor of a different kind.

A hawk swooped down and left with a Mourning Dove, who was just minding his own business munching at the food that had fallen from one of the bird feeders. Gone in an instant. The only thing left was a six foot circle of feathers. Yeesh.

Now, I don’t feed the birds to enable a smörgåsbord for the neighborhood cats, and I certainly don’t want to be the feeding trough for Mr. Hawk, but what can I do? As Brittany noted, it was the Circle of Life in action (whatever happened to Hakuna Matata?). I was a big friggin’ hawk!

We use hawks and doves as a metaphor for how we view war, and this morning’s incident gives me pause.


  1. a lesson for Mr. Dove…minding your own business does not mean being unaware of the predators around us.

  2. Ouch! same thing happened with me earlier.. I was healing a bird and it finally began to fly, when suddenly a huge nasty crow swooped from nowhere and took the poor thing. I hate crows.

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