Of downloads and snake oil

I’m puzzled by the story today that ABC is conducting a test with five four affiliates to give them a piece of the digital download pie. Nothing about this makes sense.

The stations provide prominent banners on their local sites to drive traffic to ABC.com, where users can download the digital programs. What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s see, how about users don’t need local affiliates to get to the downloads in the first place. Secondly, the affiliates get to place an ad between the link and the download. Right. I’m going to stand for that, just for the privilege of going through my local affiliate to get to the goodies. For the privilege of driving traffic to ABC, the affiliates get to “share revenue,” although nobody’s saying what the split will be.

ABC wants to see if local sites increase traffic, and the affiliates are apparently eager to prove that their sites have value to the network. What are these people smoking?

I’m sorry, but the only winner here is ABC. The affiliates talk it up and increase the demand, but the only way this works for them is if THEY can provide the downloads and control the revenue. Sorry, but that just won’t happen.

This idea is actually being spun as an “olive branch” to the affiliates, who are angry over the network’s unilateral decision to sell downloads of the programming that gives the affiliates value. An olive branch? More like snake oil. Moreover, the time wasted here could be better spent attacking the actual problem instead of hoping that network sales will save the day for affiliates.



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