Observations for a Tuesday

What’s with the OnStar ads that use guilt as a motivator for sales? There ought to be a law against using children (actors) to plant the suggestion that the only way they’re going to be safe in a car is with OnStar. I mean, come on, Madison Avenue. All across America, we can hear the pleas of children, “Mommy, we need that too.”

And so it goes…

New York Times
“That young people aren’t reading newspapers is a pretty fatal formula for any business. If all your customers are dying off, you’ve got to be concerned, and that’s what’s happening in the newspaper industry.” It’s happening elsewhere, too.

Journalism profession Ernest Wiggins writes:
“It’s not that the Alboms, Braggs, Barnicles and Blairs of the news world are preternaturally unethical or lazy. I believe it’s more that they are removed — and not just by physical distance — from the people they are paid to serve. They might be distanced by worldview or lifestyle, background or disposition …Being so removed, journalists lose touch with the human beings who read and react to what they report, who trust them to deliver an accurate record of events and to be disinterested parties only, as far as the gathering and presentation of information is concerned.” (via Romenesko)


Allie and I were out looking at courses for her yesterday, and ran into a bright young gal in an admin office that talked with us about scholarship money. Allie has a bit of American Indian in her, and the gal was trying to explain where to find student aid. “Aw, just friggin’ Google it,” she finally concluded.

And thus the mantra of today’s youth is now good advice.

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