NXTube.com: Ad “content” at its best

Ian MacCallisterA lot of people think I’m nuts when I say that advertising is content in Media 2.0. I usually point to examples like FlushTV, but I’m going to start directing them to my latest wonderful discovery, NXTube.com.

It’s Titleist’s hilarious “blog” by Ian MacCallister, the character played by John Cleese in the commercials. Ian is an old time golf advocate who hates the fact that Titleist NXT balls go so far, and he’s a one-man anti-distance campaigner. The site carries that theme forward, and it’s well done, including great use of our favorite, User-Generated “Content.”

Read the blog comments and watch the “live” web cam. Smart, smart, smart.

Oh and note that the time you spend there is actually all about being served advertising.


  1. invitedmedia says

    they do an attention grabbing good job of advertising as content at galveston(dot)com for the convention and visitors bureau.

    scroll down the nav on the left for videos that make me want to vacation there(hope the hurricane avoids the area)

  2. Dear Mr. Heaton,

    Is it “hilarious” that Titleist is systematically dismembering the game of golf? Is it “wonderful” that the NXT golf balls are rendering entire golf courses obsolete? Is it “smart, smart, smart” to let this rogue company dance on the grave of the most revered and respected game on the planet?!

    Although I thoroughly appreciate your kind words about my interspace blog page, I feel you have missed the bigger point. What your readers must understand is that the medium is not so important as the MESSAGE. And the message here is that these dastardly balls should be outlawed and those who use them should be flogged roundly in a public forum.

    Listen, Terry. We are not so dissimilar, you and I. We’re just a couple of blokes walking the earth and trying to leave it slightly better than when we entered it. I beg you — please quit that little dead-end telly branding outfit you are with and join me in my crusade. You will sleep better knowing that you played a part in bringing the game of golf back from the brink.

    Yours in arms,

    Ian MacCallister

  3. MacCallister has nothing to worry about, at least when it comes to my game — not even a metal ball and a magnetic hole could help me.

    Excellent campaign — and I love the reply above.

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