Novak storms off the set

I don’t often get the chance to watch afternoon cable, but today I happened to tune into CNN’s Inside Politics just as the discussion involving James Carville and Robert Novak moved to the Senate bid of Florida Congresswoman Katherine Harris. Harris had complained that some newspaper editors were altering pictures of her in Photoshop to make her look bad. Novak said the same thing had happened to him. (Note to Bob: Have you looked in a mirror lately, man? Photoshop ain’t gonna make it any worse.)

Carville interrupted Novak, saying something about needing to prove he has a backbone, and Novak went nuts. He actually gave up the discussion, pushed himself away from the desk, called it “bullshit,” and then got up and left!

And I was there to see it.

Wonkette has more.


  1. Why is Robert Novak still at Large?

    Outing a CIA undercover agent is against the law in Chicago too.

  2. I saw the footage later on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was hilarious, but I can’t believe this gets him suspended by CNN when outing an undercover CIA agent doesn’t get him jack.

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